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Of the more recent things that I have been involved with the most exciting was the Maynard Ferguson concert series that Ken Posten put on in L.A.

One of the concerts involved reprising the record date I did with him in London shortly after he got back from India. At that time I think he was probably the only trumpet player in the world that could Maynarddo what he did then. Now on this concert we had four or five trumpet men who each played his solos and on the other concerts there were quite a few more who did likewise, made all the tougher by the fact that Maynard was sitting in the front row of the audience all the time until the final concert when he too played as well as ever it seems.

It really is scary how the world moves on that way but I suppose it's like the four minute mile, once achieved it gets done regularly.

You can gain access to lots of photos of those rehearsals aDon and Bobnd concerts here or, if that does not work for you, go here and take the link to Styne and Mine there. While you are there I'm sure you will find Christian's site well worth the look, I have the pleasure of working with him frequently and it's always such a rewarding experience. One thing you will not find there and perhaps do not know is that he is married to Maynards daughter Wilder, who, when I first saw her in London was then just a small child. Hope this works for you and finds you in good health and spirits or at least wine and beer and look forward to hearing from you again. Bob

Photos: above, Maynard Ferguson; right, Don Menza and Bob Efford.

Photos taken by Wilder Ferguson

Credits to Christian Jacob

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