From Paul Griffin, Chris's son  

Dear family & friends,

Our father and trumpet legend Chris Griffin has had a tough battle during the past four months. He was recovering from a few setbacks but fell ill twelve days ago. Doctors found a large tumor on his pancreas and he passed away peacefully at 9:15 on Saturday night at the age of 89, surrounded by loved ones.

This modest, brilliant, witty, wonderful, brave man died the way he lived, with quiet dignity, and he will be missed by so many who loved and admired him.

As per his specific request, Chris' ashes will be, "scattered to the wind in the Long Island Sound." Donations may be made in his name to the Local 802 Musician's Emergency Relief Fund 322 West 48th St. New York, NY 10036.

 Published Work--------"Sitting In With Chris Griffin"  was published two weeks before his death and is available through Barnes & Noble.

 Dad was very lonely and depressed after Mom's passing in July of 2000, and he lived with us for two years. Unfortunately, business responsibilities had us running between properties, and so Dad spent much time on his own. He utilized his time by dictating his "memoirs" into a recording device. Although guests at The Griffin House Bed & Breakfast were thoroughly captivated by his stories and anecdotes, he longed for companionship, and Louise Baranger entered his life. She literally, became his guiding light. They spent his last eighteen months together, and although there were forty-two chronological years between them, they nevertheless shared so very much. Louise is also a very successful trumpet player and they were able to communicate about their many common experiences and mutual associates.

 Louise was at his bedside around the clock, and the family shared her vigil. When it became apparent that he would not recover, so many stories of joy were told, and we treasured every minute of his final days. Dad entered into the conversations as long as he could, and even when he could no longer respond, the stories and experiences continued during his peaceful sleep. Tears, laughter and music were abundant, and we know that Dad enjoyed every minute.

   "Chris" was a happy, fulfilled man and his life is to be celebrated! Learn more about him at and feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

 Thank you all for your love and support.

This message received June 20th, 2005 and published courtesy of Bill Kirchner