GVOX® Releases Passport® Upgrades

Encore® 4.5 and MusicTime Deluxe® 3.5

Leading Music Notation Software Updated for Newest Operating Systems

PHILADELPHIA – November 5, 2001GVOX announced today that it has released upgraded versions of its popular Passport music notation products, Encore and MusicTime Deluxe. Both programs are now compatible with the newest computer operating systems and are available for digital download and purchase at www.gvox.com.   Customers also now have the opportunity to “try it before you buy it” with fully-functional 10 day FREE Trials available at the GVOX web site.

“The response to these Passport upgrades has been remarkable,” stated Nathaniel Weiss, President and CEO of GVOX.  “Since making the announcement, we have been flooded with inquires from musicians all over the world who are fiercely loyal to these user-friendly programs.”

“I want my Encore!” requested Matti Ruippo of the Sibelius Academy in Finland. 

“I must say that I have a love affair with Passport products…for 10 years now,” stated Kenneth Ozimek, Music Supervisor at the Nashville Camp, serving 20,000 children.  “They have been a great enhancement to my success as a teacher and professional musician.”

The upgrades just released are Encore Version 4.5 ($399) and MusicTime Deluxe Version 3.5  ($99.99), both for Windows and Macintosh. These new versions are considered “system compatibility upgrades.” They have been updated to 32-bit compliance in order to work in the newer 32-bit operating systems, like Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Macintosh OS9 and OSX. (Windows XP compatibility coming soon). Additionally, the programs are now more stable in Windows 98 and in Mac OS 8.6.  They also feature improved reliability and cross compatibility between the Windows and Macintosh platforms. Thus, scores created on a Mac can be loaded straight onto a Windows machine and vice versa.

MusicTime Deluxe and Encore have long been favorites in the music software community and are renown for their ease of use.  Encore, a professional music notation program, is used by composers of all levels to create beautiful printouts of scores on up to 64 separate staves. It is a mainstay in the Hollywood film industry and has been used to score leading films, including Titanic, The Green Mile, American Beauty, and the upcoming Black Knight.

“We are still using the best product on the planet – Encore – and it is still screaming fast,” commented Stuart Balcomb, Supervising Music Copyist at Universal Studios.

“We would consider no programs other than Passport for Hollywood music production. Encore makes our life easier,” stated Music Supervisor Julian Bratolyubov, who has used Encore to score over 300 movies for Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Disney, Columbia, and 20th Century Fox. 

MusicTime Deluxe, used by beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike, enables users to create and print music with lyrics, text and guitar chords on up to 16 staves. It is the perfect tool for writing and arranging music for rock bands, jazz combos, choirs, piano and vocals, marching bands and other small ensembles. 

“We are completely ecstatic with the ease of use and user friendliness of MusicTime Deluxe,” stated Kevin and Ron Yarosh.  “Our music library has grown to over 1500 orchestral titles completely written in MusicTime Deluxe, and we have invested a lot of time and put our heart and soul into the use of this software.  We have tried other music notation packages, but MusicTime Deluxe is unrivalled in its ease of use and short learning curve.”

Both Encore and MusicTime Deluxe serve as powerful authoring tools for NotationStation™, the GVOX Web site recently adopted by MENC: The National Association of Music Education as the industry standard software platform. NotationStation (www.NotationStation.net) incorporates a Web-based notation program called MusicTime Online™ that allows teachers and students to see, hear, play, and edit their Encore and MusicTime Deluxe files online.

“Thank you for creating the master of all notation programs,” wrote 16 yr-old Trevor Grahl, a musical prodigy in Ontario, Canada. “I've tried countless others, but this program really seems to surpass them all.”   Grahl used Encore to score his composition, Dance of the Fireflies, performed by the Pembroke Symphony Orchestra.

“We are very focused on our Passport product line here at GVOX,” stated Scott C. Peer, Chief Technology Officer at GVOX.  “In addition to the release of these Encore and MusicTime Deluxe system upgrades, we will be releasing Master Tracks Pro® Version 6.8  ($99.99) in just a few weeks. We are strongly committed to the ongoing development and support of these products.”  

Both Encore and MusicTime Deluxe are now available for download at www.gvox.com.  For previous buyers upgrading, pricing is $29.99 for MusicTime Deluxe and $79.99 for Encore. Packaged CD-ROM versions are also available at a cost of $20 additional for material + shipping and handling.  For further information, contact GVOX at (215) 922-0880 or at sales@gvox.com.           

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Philadelphia-based GVOX® (www.gvox.com) provides the music education community with an online content-authoring and music-learning environment called NotationStation™ (www.NotationStation.net), officially adopted by MENC: The National Association of Music Education as the industry standard platform for online music education. NotationStation enables K-12 music teachers to create their own virtual classrooms and for students to retrieve lessons and curriculum online. Using GVOX’s patented software and DSP architecture, users can take any musical instrument, play it into their computer’s microphone, and see the music instantly displayed online in musical notes as well as on virtual instruments. The company also markets the Passport® line of notation and sequencing products, MusicTime Deluxe®, Encore®, and Master Tracks Pro®, used by musicians and composers of all levels and by Hollywood movie studios to score motion picture soundtracks. GVOX has entered into strategic partnerships with such organizations as McGraw-Hill, MENC: The National Association for Music Education, TI:ME (The Technology Institute for Music Educators), and The Berklee School of Music.