“Your site is cool! I learned a lot from the tutorial. I have so much fun when I go on this site, I want to stay here all day.”

- Kyle, 14 yrs old


“The virtual instruments are sweet! NotationStation made learning music easier - I learned the bass clef! I'm proud of myself!”

- Katie, 9th grade, MI


“I have been singing since I could talk!! I like making my own music at NotationStation and have it played back to see what it sounds like. I feel like I'm actually doing something towards my dream of being a singer.”

- Brittin, 9th grade, WI


“I enjoy the website because I can work on it at home also. NotationStation makes learning music easier because it is hands-on.

-Elaine, 10th grade, PA


“The thing I like best about NotationStation is the way you can have music lessons over the Internet.  That's pretty cool. I just did an arrangement of Beethoven's Fifth.”

-Shastin, 8th grade, private school


“What I like best about NotationStation is how easy it is to access to lessons that I need to complete. The virtual instruments provide excellent learning tools.”

-Kristen, studying music for 4-5 years


“I love to come to NotationStation and create my own music. If I have a tune in my head I find it fun to try to put it into notes on the screen and add bass parts and modify it. With NotationStation I have learned more about composing music than I have anywhere else. I started out struggling to get a good sounding piece but now that I have learned through NotationStation about chords and key signature I can't get enough of making music.”

- Evan, 14 yrs old, Ontario


“The NotationStation site is very user friendly and I love the MusicTime Deluxe™ program. I used your program to write a

4-part string quartet for a final.”

- Mary, 11th grade, OK


“My favorite part about NotationStation is that you can make your own music with different instruments and then print them out and take them to music class to show everyone. I have composed music at NotationStation and I called it Sunny after my hamster that died not to long ago, his full name was Sunflower.”

- Heather, 6th grade, RI


“I have used NotationStation to print out assignments for my teachers. It looks a lot neater and more professional. I enjoy being able to hear my pieces! (You can't always whip up a string quartet to hear what your piece sounds like!)”

- Shawna, 12th grade, Canada


“I had a composition due for my orchestra teacher and I used NotationStation to create my own music. I have submitted assignments to my music teacher via NotationStation and it helped a great deal. I was coming very close to the deadline and I just sat down at the computer for an hour and was finished. NotationStation made the process more creative and flexible for me.”

- MLE, 10th grade, PA


“NotationStation has made it a lot easier to learn various chords and rhythms.”

- Rachel, 8th grade, NY


 “What I like best about NotationStation is the ability to make and listen to your own music. I submitted an assignment and got a 98 on it. It's easier to do the compositions projects that I have to do for class.”

- Kate, 9th grade, PA




“NotationStation is wonderful! I compose many compositions on your website. Some of my favorite types of music to write are 20th century and Baroque. NotationStation is really interesting, fun, and educational at the same time! You can learn a ton about music while having a blast, too!!!

- Brittany, 7th grade, VA 


“NotationStation is a great Web site which offers many features to both students and teachers. The website itself has an awesome user interface and is easy to "walk" around in.” 

- Ryan, 8th grade, OR


“I think that the section on where I get to build intervals and also composing music is basically the best and the funnest parts. I am going to log on to NotationStation right now! Thanks a lot again!!!

- Chantal, 6th grade, FL


 “I love the Virtual Instruments so much since I use to play violin and I'm starting trumpet. I have submitted an assignment to my teacher - my first piano piece.”

- Brenna, 7th grade, WA


“I just think NotationStation is a great program all together. It combines two great activities, Music and Internet. The virtual instruments are really cool. It’s fun because now I’m in my own home and I can use my creativity to produce my own music. It also makes it much easier to do assignments my music teacher may have given me.”

- 12th grader, American High School, CA


“NotationStation is easy to use and I can transpose parts quickly. I have composed a short horn solo. I like the clear, bright sound of the virtual instruments. “

- Kirk, 11th grade, OR


“NotationStation is easy to understand .you don’t need to be a computer wiz to use the program. The virtual instruments are very helpful because if you ever need to see the fingering of a note you can just look at the virtual instrument. My favorite lessons are when we get to create our own music and print it out. It gives me the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a real composer.”

- Kelly, 9th grade, NY


“My favorite lesson is the intervals lesson. The lessons have helped me practice the basics of music and forming it into the shape of a game has helped a lot.”

- Melanie, 7th grade, TX


“Our school just started working with NotationStation this year, and I think it is wonderful!  It makes theory a lot more fun.  This coordinates the visual with the sound really well.  I've improvised jazz solos, turned songs into minor keys, and transposed things. I love doing theory now, and my teacher likes getting all of my lessons with my comments on them. Keep up the good work, NotationStation!”

- Emily, 12th grade, MN


“The thing I like best about NotationStation is it's easy to set up and use.”

- Dwight, 10th grade, NY


 “The thing I like best about NotationStation is that I can type up my compositions and send them electronically to my teacher.”

 - Fiona, 6th grade, CA


“The thing I like best about NotationStation is composing songs at home instead of school and knowing things before other classmates.”

- Rena, 6th grade, KS


“Of all the features of NotationStation, the one area that has stood out to me is its ease of use!  Even without the great tutorials offered, if you are familiar with music and a computer, this is a simple but powerful software program.  In addition to the homework projects I've received in my computer applications class, I've used NotationStation for my music theory class and for fun doodling. I think it's great that you can choose different timbers to listen to your compositions. There is nothing like creating music and hearing it instantaneously which immediately shows your strong points and weak points.”

- Eric, 11th grade, GA 


“The virtual instruments r kool.”

-Simone, 7th grade, NY




“NotationStation is fun and easier than carrying my viola home every 6 days. I have composed a duet for two violas.”

- Erica, 8th grade, UT


“I like it that at NotationStation you can print your music right off of the web page. I have actually transposed a bunch of stuff for church and then printed it off. I like the virtual instruments because when I think something doesn't sound right all I have to do is click open the virtual clarinet.”

- Sarah, 9th grade, PA


“The thing I like best about NotationStation is that you can do it at home and it is easy. I have composed some of my own music - the Blues was my favorite. I like to put it on Alto Saxophone since that is what I play.”

- Katie, 5th grade, PA


“I like how our school has their own little site and it tells us what we are doing in class and everything. It makes it funner when you are on a computer instead of writing it out on paper and it is a lot faster and you don't have to get bored writing.”

- Mallory, 8th grade, TX


“I have been studying music for as long as I can remember... The thing I like best about NotationStation is being able to compose music easily. I have created a piece for a soprano/alto duet.  I love the virtual instruments! I have an easier time composing music...and the fact that I am composing is thrilling. Suggestions for improving NotationStation? How can you improve perfection?”

- Emmy, 10th grade, GA


“I like everything about NotationStation, it’s a great website, but mostly the virtual music center.  It's made some of the hard parts of music more fun so that they seem easier.  

- Michael, 8th grade, MI


“I like everything about NotationStation but my absolute favorite is where you can make up your own music and test it out online. That saves a lot of writing and you can make it flawless by the playback feature. I have composed three pieces of work. I made one rock and roll and two blues compositions. I like the Strategies for Teaching because it helps me teach others how to read music and I explain things better.”

- Justin, 12th grade, TN


“I like the fact that NotationStation has lessons you can take to learn how to use the Composer. I used the jazz lesson to write an alto saxophone accompaniment to the piano part. I think that the virtual instruments on your site are very cool. I love the fact that I can hear my composition played and see the fingerings also. My favorite types of lessons are the jazz ensembles. NotationStation has made it easier to compose music for me and has taught me what a pain it is to write an entire score out is. That has made me appreciate composers much more.” 

- Whitney, 8th grade, CA


“I've taken lessons in piano, opera, and choir on and off since about five years old. I've got a lot of other interests as well, but I've never neglected my love for music. NotationStation's features that enable a positive student-teacher interaction outside of classroom, is a real plus for students who seek to practice their music outside of class or online. The virtual instruments are reliable and fun. I have been able to practice my music online with MIDIs, uploaded sheet music, and with the guidance of my teacher w/o all the inconveniences of being in a classroom.”

- Ying, 11th grade, NY


“My favorite part of NotationStation is writing music. I’ve tried on paper for 2 or 3 years, but I'm not very good at drawing the circles on the notes in the right places, so I can't really be sure what to play when I finish. NotationStation makes it a lot easier. And I can hear the music after I'm done instead of dragging out my clarinet or bass clarinet. My favorite virtual instrument is the clarinet. It has a good sound quality and I love following what it is playing on my own clarinet. It's been very helpful in writing music for more than one instrument. I like the double or triple staff pages better because then I can write music for different instruments, or different parts on the same instrument.”

- Will, 8th grade, NJ


“I like everything about NotationStation. I love composing, and I love my computer, so...get my point? ^_~

- Chibi, 15 years old 


“I have been studying music about a school year and I am taking World Music. The thing I like best about NotationStation is being able to write my own music. The virtual instruments are one of the coolest things you can have.  I don’t have to write my own music on staff paper and it plays the music better.”

- Sejal, 14 years old




“I like the ability for my teacher to put my music online, so if I am having some problems hearing a part I can just go online to hear it. I have composed some of my own things - a four-part Chaconne for saxophone quartet. The virtual Instruments make it very easy to hear how a particular part will sound when it is actually played.”

- Max, 11th grade, PA


“I have been studying with NotationStation for about 5 months. I composed a 3/4 piece for the piano, finished Barneys theme song, 6/8 pieces and 4/4 pieces. I think the virtual instruments are great. I like that it shows the fingering for the note or notes it is playing.”

- Melissa, 6th grade, NY


“I love NotationStation! I like how easy it is to work and I love the fact that you can change time signatures and tempos. It also helps me out for music I am having difficulty with. I love the fact that you can also place your title at the top of the page. And it helps me a lot to be able to choose what kind of format I want: piano music, or a three-part trio, or a quartet. I have composed many of my own types of music. The first one I did was a piece I already had written down, and it was simply an arranged piece of a theme. The second was a variation of the "Ukrainian Bell Carol" for three flutes, (I love that song), and the third was a completely original piece that I made, and it had a regal, olde-time castle theme to it. It's made it a lot more fun for me because I can play around with the music easier and better than with my pencil and manuscript paper, plus, I can change the way a part sounds to get a different mood and atmosphere created in the music. I love it!”

- Stephanie, 8th grade, GA


“NotationStation gives you the opportunity to compose your own music, and be creative, it provides tutorials if you need help. I have done one as a project for my class, it was composing a piece using the pentatonic scale. I think the virtual instruments are a great thing, because if you're composing for a certain instrument seeing the actual instrument being played can help out a lot. NotationStation gives lessons so you understand the concepts more, the program also lets you be creative when you compose.

- Holly-Jill, 8th grade, HI


“I take a Music Theory class in which I work with NotationStation, along with a class in which I sing in the Mixed Intermediate choir. The thing I like best is you can create your own music and listen to it. I have composed my own music as well as my classmates we all had to create our own melodies. I think the instruments are cool and you can hear what songs sound like with different instruments. It's clever how you guys created it so that you can see how to play the instrument. I have submitted my melody also I have submitted my Jury song which I did over on NotationStation. I like all of the lessons at NotationStation all of them are my favorite. NotationStation has made learning music much easier and fun because it’s nothing we have done before.  It's something new and exciting that keeps us interested in learning music.  The fact that we can create our own music and listen to it really inspires us to want to create music and learn more about it.

- Shetera, 9th grade, WI


“NotationStation helps me with my music! The virtual instruments are great! They help me stay on pitch when I'm wrong. I like many of the lessons; they are just so great and exciting! NotationStation helps me read music! I've learned so many of my skills from this website!”

- Erica, 11th grade, WI 


“I believe that NotationStation has made learning music easier because when you don’t know a rhythm all you have to do is log on and type in what you don’t understand and it plays it back for you...That's the best part...”

- Chatyra, 14 years old, GA


“On NotationStation I like the fact that you can listen to the music you made.  I think the virtual instruments are really cool!
I have submitted 3 assignments for my teacher on NotationStation so far. I actually think that you shouldn't improve anything. It is cool the way it is!   From, A big fan - PS NotationStation rocks!!!!!!!”

- Ashley, 6th grade, NY